Our Story

The founders of Casella Wines, Filippo and Maria Casella, emigrated to Australia from Sicily in 1957

Filippo and Maria Casella, the founders of Casella Wines, immigrated to Australia from Sicily in 1957.

Along with their hopes and dreams, they brought know-how acquired through three generations of grape growing and winemaking in Italy.

Even in these early days, the Casella family's wine was much more than something you simply drank with dinner - it was something you shared with family and friends.

Filippo was passionate about his wine and enjoyed sharing it with friends and family. He knew exactly how much hard work, cooperation and skill went into producing a great wine, and he instilled this knowledge in each of his children. It's an approach they remain true to today.

Recognising the potential of the Riverina region of New South Wales, Filippo purchased a farm on the fringe of the Yenda township in 1965. In 1969, after successfully selling the grapes from his farm to local wineries, he decided it was time for a new generation to put its winemaking skills to use, and the winery was born.

Today, Casella remains very much a family business, with second- and third-generation family members all playing a part in this extraordinary success story.

From humble beginnings, the Casella family has become Australia's greatest wine exporter.

Did you know

  • Casella Wines is Australia's largest family-owned winery. Source: 2011Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory.
  • Casella Wines sources its fruit from 33 of Australia's 59 premium wine-growing regions, including the Barossa Valley and Coonawarra in South Australia, and Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.
  • 20% of all bottled wine products leaving Australia is [yellow tail]
  • All rainwater and wastewater is recycled at Casella Wines. The treatment plant is currently the largest of its type in Australia and is capable of recycling the equivalent of 160 Olympic-sized swimming pools every year.


  • Casella Wines' newest bottling line can process 36,000 bottles per hour. It's the world's fastest bottling line.
  • Tank sizes range from 2,000 litres to 1.1 million litres - as well as producing large quantities of consistently high-quality [yellow tail] wine, our winemakers can handle very small premium parcels of fruit.
  • Casella Wines was inducted into Australia's Export Hall of Fame in 2005.
  • Almost 10% of Australia's total grape crush in 2011 was by Casella Wines.